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The 1940’s Experience

The Lincolnsfields Centre is the home of the 1940’s Experience which has been growing in stature and popularity since 2006. We are open to the public on the last Sunday of the months January – November and the first Sunday in December.

During these open days you can come and experience many aspects of the 1940’s displayed through a variety of means, viewing objects from that time, interaction with people, visual, “hands-on”, all of which are normally only accessible to schools visiting during the week.

Throughout your visit our excellent team of volunteers are on hand to discuss the artefacts on display, topics of interest that may arise or indeed you may want to reminisce how growing up has changed during the intervening years.

On some Sundays you can find The Mustangs performing live music in the Airmans Bar.

Opening times on Sundays are 10.30am – 4.00pm

Prices: Adults £5.00, Children £3.00, Seniors £3.00


For all on-going news please check out the Forties Experience facebook page



What Can You Experience?

The 1940’s House

Areas have been dedicated to create an ambience of how a kitchen, scullery, sitting room and bedroom may have looked during this period of time

Make Do & Mend

From rag rugs to knitting to homemade toys and more. One of the volunteers will be on hand to discuss the importance of this ethos within the home especially during those years of austerity. Within this room you will also find a Morrison shelter.

Dressing Up & Games Room

Get to grips with some of the games children would have played with and whilst in there why not try on hats, helmets, jackets and aprons.

History Room

Information dedicated to the evolution of the Lincolnsfield’s site since its early days as Bushey Hall and known as a hydrotherapy centre and hotel, its use for officer training through World War I and how it was occupied as headquarters for the USAAF 8th Fighter Command during the years 1942 – 45.

The 1950’s Room

We are starting to expand our display into the 1950’s. In here you can see how household products were starting to change and progress. From 1953 – 1957 the American 32nd AAA Brigade were based on the site and some information has also been gathered about their time here.

Dig For Victory Garden

In the Dig for Victory Garden find out about allotment gardening practices of the time, favourite fruit and vegetable grown through the seasons to supplement the shortage of food felt throughout  the country. In this area you will find an Anderson Shelter which you can enter to get a glimpse of how uncomfortable it may have been to use during the Blitz.

Military Museum

In here you will find a vast collection of WWII artefacts of British, American and other Allied forces.

These include a range of military equipment used on and behind the front line such as vehicles, weapons, field kitchens, radio and spy equipment, resources for first aid for those injured in the line of duty, rations and the differences received between the American and British services.


Get a glimpse of what it would have been like to live in London as the dog fights raged the skies, taking shelter through an air raid, seeing an unexploded bomb and how St Paul’s became an icon for those living in London during the Blitz.


When in need of a cuppa and a sit down the NAAFI is open with an offering of light refreshments such as tea, coffee and cakes.

Tea Dance

During the months April – October Mel and her Swingsters host a tea dance during the Sunday afternoon but this would be a supplementary extra if you feel like kicking up your heels and joining in with jitterbug, jive or the lindy hop


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